Premium Picture Frames

Avoid Overspending on Expensive Custom Framing. Without Compromising Quality.

We sell our own line of premium picture frames that are unique to Vossington. Blending modern Scandinavian design with German-American craftsmanship.

Vossington's ready-made frames are as close as you can get to high-end custom framing. But without the extra framing costs.

✓ No Customization Costs

We use the finest materials and craftsmanship that you would expect from a high-end framing shop.

But instead of custom cutting and assembling each frame for each order, we make thousands of ready-made frames in advance. In 22 popular standard sizes. Thus, there are no customization surcharges when purchasing a Vossington frame.

If you use an online framing service or go to a custom frame shop with a standard size artwork, they still charge custom framing prices.

✓ No Framing Costs

Unlike online framing services or your local framing shop, you don't need to go through the hassle of sending us your art. You don't need a professional framer to get high-quality framing.

Instead, we let you install your art into the frame yourself – in 2 minutes – in the comfort of your home. Thus, there are no expensive framing surcharges when getting a premium Vossington frame.

By eliminating those extra costs of framing, you get a very high-quality frame at a decent price.

Get a Premium Frame From Vossington Today and Boost Your Pictures With Style.


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